No Holiday For Predators

            On December 22th Americans on a whole prepared to celebrate the upcoming Christmas morning filled with children’s joy and the wonderment of Christmas magic. On Christmas day, it is the sound of children’s laughter that warms the human spirit. Many of us wait in anticipation to watch the amazement in our children’s eyes as they discover what the wizened old elf from the north left behind for each of them. Presents, bows, and floors littered with toys and bits of wrapping paper with squeals and sounds of intrigue as the day begins is something every parent hopes for. Likewise, in a home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, one little girl with hopes and dreams of Christmas presents, Santa Claus, and joy were locked firmly in her heart and soul. Little did anyone guess that this little girl’s life would be dashed to pieces by the hand of a monster. Never suspecting Mike Plumadore’s true motives for babysitting, an unwitting mother entrusted him with the lives of her three daughters, Aliahna Lemmon and her two siblings.

            He was living in a trailer park of approximately twenty-five homes, fifteen of which were occupied by convicted sexual predators. It was there that Aliahna’s mother’s worst nightmares would become a reality. Aliahna’s mother had the flu and her step-father worked nights. It seemed as if the easiest solution would be to have the girls stay with a trusted friend. The man who had cared for her dying grandfather until his death about a month earlier. Someone who had been close to the family for nearly four years. Michael Plumadore.

            It was at night that Plumadore raised the alert and called the police to report that Aliahna had mysteriously disappeared and was missing. He told the police that the younger sisters had told him the mother had picked her up and he had just found out that wasn’t true. Of course, the actions of the immediate neighbors were quite predictable. No one saw anything. The FBI was alerted and the search for the little girl went into full swing. Some of the Fort Wayne’s Sherriff’s Department had an itch, a hunch that not everything being told to them by Plumadore was completely accurate. They had that gut feeling that Mr. Plumadore was not telling the truth. Too many inconsistencies. The FBI stepped up the pressure on him and the action resulted in an almost gleeful confession to the murder of nine year old Aliahna Lemmon.

            Plumadore is not a registered sex offender in the state of Indiana, but had been in jail with another resident of the park for child molestation in 2006. He had been convicted of crimes in Indiana, North Carolina, and Florida. The horrific method of how this animal killed Aliahna was dark and diabolical in the worst sense. When police questioned Plumadore he almost gleefully explained how he had bludgeoned Aliahna to death with a brick. He went on to say how he then simply dismembered her little body and placed different pieces of her body in plastic freezer bags, keeping her head, hands, and feet in her grandfathers freezer and then discarding the rest in a local business’s dumpster. How could such a terrible thing happen you might ask? And why was there such ferocious cruelty used in her murder? With a life of crime on his books, Plumadore’s crimes slowly escalated in severity until murder was the next step in his criminal resume. Remember, he had spent time in prison in two other states before moving to Fort Wayne. Most people will find it absolutely imperative to place blame on someone for this crime. Many people will blame Aliahna’s mother for knowing the risks. She had even taken her father’s word that her kids would be safe even though he also was a convicted child molester! A majority of people will simply blame Plumadore due to the fact that he committed the crime. I will only say that both of them share a portion of the guilt, however, it is our permissive society that made it possible. The real culprits in this case my people is you and me. All of us made this crime possible through our inaction on important policy decisions.

            Our country has long been the target of a grand experiment brought on by wealthy socialist liberals who truly believe that any criminal or pedophile can be reformed. With wealth comes the power to reach and influence our lawmakers at the local, as well as the federal level changing their moral commitment to Americans and their children in the whole. They have peddled the idea to anyone who would listen that criminals are in some unimaginable way victims themselves and not really responsible for the mayhem they inflict on society. With handpicked liberal judges strategically placed in office and backed by big money from liberal backers and then adding the big money that seemingly holds sway over our lawmakers with what they like to refer to as soft money, we have changed the way criminals are treated. You always seem to hear the outcry over criminals having rights and that we have to treat them more humanely because they are really victims. On these points I call Bullshit! Hamstringed by perceived laws and law enforcement as well as supposed government rules, Americans barely have the right to defend themselves. Enough of this failed experiment! Until the American people make up their minds that it is high time we begin to cull the herd of animals that butcher our children and victimize we the people, crime will only flourish and grow worse until people will fear everyone they come in contact with. The wise old saying from the Old Testament must make a comeback. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, because the present world we live in is filled with those who would victimize us.


An Old Fashioned Christmas

            With the Christmas holiday season fast approaching, Boots and I found time to reminisce on our delightful childhood memories when we were filled with the awe of Christmas. We find we are still caught by the very simple things that surround us. Boots told me about looking back with fondness and amazement of the unpretentious Christmases of his early youth. Ahhh, those memories that catch in the throat and stir the soul. The memories of his mother and father, grandparents, a sister, brother, as well as aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. It was thus that his entire family would spend the holidays celebrating and sharing what amounted to a real old fashioned Christmas. The town they lived in seemed to be filled by his family and the families who were different than them, with the knowledge that many generations ago, his family too were immigrants to this brand new land. Likewise, in this small bastion of civilization there now lived over fifty families who had only recently immigrated to our county declaring themselves to be Americans. Fifteen blocks long by two blocks deep was the size of his hometown and his world. To all of the kids language never presented any obstacles, but to their teacher who presided over the two room school house, I am sure it caused a great many. They had only one small church where because of expedience all faiths openly worshipped in that diminutive house of God without reservation.

            Although, Boots said that he believed that his fondest memories of all was one certain Christmas when he was six years old. Christmas Eve had arrived and of course all of the children in town had already compared notes on Santa Claus, Par Noel, and Sinter Claus among probably fifteen or more other names that to them meant only one thing. Magic. Pure magic. There was not a child in town who honestly expected very much for Christmas because of everyone’s financial state. However, they knew that the night rider of their hopes and dreams would always answer their call and surprise them. When Christmas Eve arrived, Boot’s grandmother (the matriarch) was in charge of the entire family as she had been for time immemorial. Under her guidance each of the children prepared themselves for inspection in preparation of going to midnight mass. He had to admit that he was curious as to who of those children that he knew would be at the church.

            As they approached the church, it seemed to Boots as if everyone from every house appeared there. Even though his family was assured their seating due to the purchase of the pews that they always sat in, it amused and gratified Boots to see everyone that he knew was there. It had already been decided by the parents that all of the families and their guests would come to the community house to have and share their Christmas feast together. With over fifty families coming from twenty or more different countries to live in America they all knew that there would be new and wonderful foods to taste and eat from every families Christmas celebrations menu and the delicacies that entailed. That mass, along with the differing faiths religious practices, spotlighted the one enduring truth that people used to live by. That one thing was the celebration of God the father and his son Jesus. The light, the way, and salvation of the world including all that it contains.

            Christmas morning arrived and all was as it should be. It was exciting along with very surprising. Of course the jolly old elf had made his secret visit just like clockwork. Even though their presents were mostly made up of those things that they needed, they were not disappointed in any way. There were very little, if any, store bought treasures that so many children in other places expected and had received. However, the village children were nonetheless pleased and happy beyond belief. Just to get a nice new refurbished or handmade gift was in so many ways far better than anyone had a right to expect. With every gift handed out and opened to squeals of delight it was time for the children to attempt to stay out of the way and out of trouble. The homes smelled of the wonderful aromas of cakes, candies, cookies, pies, and succulent roasting meats and foods from around the world. Boots knew that there was something truly magical to have your mouth burst out watering in pure anticipation while walking past a house, any house. When dinner was finally ready and the community house was filled with joyously happy people who spoke with broken English and foreign languages, the message was spoken out loud for all to hear by Mr. Gioncani, “We are all one family here and all of us by the grace of God. We are all Americans.”

            No one said I am a Spanish-American, Italian-American, or African-American. To the best of his knowledge there were not any wops, frogs, krauts, spics, or kikes there. On the contrary. At those tables shared by everyone, there were only American human beings. Members of the same family who not only enjoyed each other’s food, but treasured each other’s company and confidence. After all, there was only one family there.

May each of us remember our past Christmas joys as we watch little boys play with their new cars in elation.

May we see the light in her eyes when our little girls wake with surprise to the things that will inspire her life.

Merry Christmas to all the peoples of the earth. While we celebrate this time of peace and love, giving and charity, remember it is the birth of our savior that we commemorate on this holy day. Remember to spread this good news to each and every human that you know.

May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you now and throughout the New Year. Our wish this holiday season? A world to grow in where children will be safe and free. Peace.

Leola and Boots



             Why is it so hard for people to get involved before the fact? The other day I read about how a mother and her boyfriend systematically tortured the woman’s baby to death. The little girl had been being abused for her entire life, from birth to two years of age. Finally, after a particularly bad beating, the child became unresponsive and her abusers at long last got her medical attention This was the hospital where the little one subsequently died of the injuries she had received from these two monsters. The poor defenseless babe was covered head to foot with bruises, abrasions, and bite marks in various stages of healing. She had a previous untreated head fracture and several broken ribs. On top of all of this, she had a broken femur bone. The fact that this toddler was so severely beaten and abused makes me sick to my stomach, but in reality it is the neighbors that I am appalled with.


            At that moment when the baby died it seemed as if every neighbor came forward to tell the sordid facts of what they knew. They had witnessed the boyfriend forcing the tot to walk around in the backyard on her broken leg. When she screamed in pain, the boyfriend just told her to get tough! And this evidently was not the first time the neighbors had heard the desperate screams of pain and agony coming from baby, as well as the domestic abuse that was occurring between mom and her lover! It had been going on for almost two years that the onlookers knew of.


            What I want to say is directed at those looky-lous and ostriches that live in that child’s neighborhood.  You all knew what was going on and didn’t open your mouths or raise your voices to help the baby. I just don’t understand it! Why is it so hard for some people to get involved, especially when they see atrocities against children happening right in front of them? Everyone had something to say after the murder.  Why wait until now? Well, I have something to say to those neighbors. In my opinion each of you carries the guilt of murder on your head and soul. No, you didn’t hit that little one, but you knew and let it go on! Shame on you! I hope that when you sleep and dream of your own children, your dreams fade into nightmares. I personally believe that each neighbor who knew about the abuses going on and said nothing should be charged with complicity to commit murder, because YOU are responsible for not intervening to save a life. Every time I think about you people I simply feel like puking over your “fifteen minutes of fame” thanks to the death of a child! All of this brings to mind the plight of the Jewish peoples that suffered horribly at the hands of the Nazis and the German people who knew of the extermination camps, yet never lifted a hand nor a voice in protest. Well, at least until it was their turn. And that’s the way I see it!


Be a voice for the voiceless. They have a right to be heard.


Honoring America’s Military Men and Women

Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps! Founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 10th 1775 the Marines have defended the
United States with the unending sprit that America was founded upon. In tribute, November 10th is held dear in the hearts of Marines everywhere not
only for the inception of the Corps, but in remembrance of those fellow Marines who have been lost in battle, those who have served proudly for their county,
and those serving now. Once a Marine always a Marine. It is a brotherhood that lasts for life. So, cut the cake and happy 236th!


A Marine is made up of many different parts, but this is what he is.

  1. A Marine is a man or woman who will risk everything, not just for their country, but for the love of their brother or sister Marine.
  2. A Marine is not only defined by his courage, but by his love and dedication to his fellow man.
  3. A Marine is judged no more harshly by others than by how he judges himself.
  4. A Marine is not satisfied with anything other than total victory in whatever they are doing, as failure is not an option.
  5. A Marine is dedicated to his God, country, family, his fellow Marines, and more important, to those who are too weak to save or protect themselves.
  6. A Marine does not weigh the odds of winning, but rather the many who oppose him. Whether it is one or one-thousand.
  7. Marines have only one objective. To win at any cost.
  8. Marines are not ordinary men and women. They are by most standards supermen, from the battle of Belleau Wood to the sands of Afghanistan.
  9. A Marine is a military man while during the heat of battle can stoop low to save a little child.
  10. A Marine is loyal to a fault, with a belief that what he is doing is true and right.

A Marine is many different things. He is your son or daughter. He is the son or daughter of your friends. He is maybe a son-in-law or a neighbor. In
fact, he or she could be anyone at all. So, sleep peacefully tonight American. Whether your police can keep you safe is questionable, however, the Marines are
always on guard.

 And while we are remembering our countries heroes, we come to November 11, the day dedicated to honor all those who have served in the military, those who have paid the price, because freedom is never free. My family and I wish to give thanks and offer encouragement to all of the veterans and active duty military in this great country of ours.  Know that in our hearts, we salute you with pride and you will always be honored.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy spoke these words, as true today as they were then, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest
appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

Semper Fidelis.


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You love your child and try to keep them safe, but nonetheless, child sexual abuse is a prevalent problem in the United States and the possibility that one day your child might come to you and tell you of an abuse is a real fear for way too many parents. Sexual abuse of children has been committed by people that you might never think would hurt a child. It could be a teacher, church leader, neighbor, caregiver, or family member. They come from all walks of life. Child predators are good at deceiving and grooming, not only children, but sometimes their parents to fulfill their evil desires. Hopefully, you have kept the lines of communication open and your child will feel they can trust you with this humiliation that was perpetrated on them. They tell you they have been touched, and NOT in a good way. So what do you do now?

1. Believe them. Take what they say seriously. Keep your head. Do not rant or rave. This is an extremely sensitive time for your child. If they have come to you it is in confidence, you probably already have a good relationship. Do not promise not to tell if they tell you. If you really believe they have been molested, it has to be reported. This is the only responsible and protective thing you can do for them. It is your duty. Tell them that you will only tell others who will try to protect them and help them.

2. Make sure that they know that it is not their fault and that you love them, even if they were attacked in a place they were told to stay away from. This is not the time for discipline or punishment. Never be angry with them or scold them. Let them know that it was a very brave thing to do to come forward and tell. Reaffirm that they were not the ones who did anything wrong. Let them know that you are there to protect them.

3. Report it to the police. Get the situation investigated. (Sometimes children come up with stories that are not true, but this is a crime that MUST be investigated. Most molesters have probably already molested many children and they will molest again if they are not apprehended. This is a job for law enforcement. Do not confront the molester yourself!

4. Get a doctors exam for your child. You might think that this would just add trauma to your child, but often with sexual abuse there are physical injuries that could affect your child later in life. More and more sexually transmitted diseases have been reported with sexually exploited children. You would want to know of an STD as soon as possible. One more thing, that documentation can be used in court. It might mean the difference between an abuser facing justice or just walking free to molest yet again.

5. Seek counseling. Your child has been traumatized. They are experiencing emotions they have probably never felt before. Sometimes, it can be emotionally upsetting to talk of abuses to a parent. Often a child will open up to someone who is not a family member. Remember, most children will believe they did something to cause the abuse and that it was their fault.

6. Stand up for your child in court and do your best to make sure that their attacker is punished. The defense always tries to get the best deal for their client. They do this by trying to trip up a child’s testimony or make them believe the abuse was “not that bad.” Let your child know that telling the truth helps them and helps other children who might be abused. Let your kids know that you love them no matter what.

7. Realize that oftentimes the worst side effect of molestation is shame. Help your child to know that the responsibility lies with the perpetrator. Children often assume the guilt and feel they are responsible when they are abused. The shame does not lie with the child, only with the transgressor.

8. Forgive yourself. This can be a very difficult thing to do for a parent who has thought of themselves as protective and loving. Parents try to care and protect their children in every situation. Unfortunately, predators are skilled in the art of opportunity and manipulation. Just like with what you tell your child, the predator is totally to blame. When something like this happens you have to be strong for your child. Be an example by being brave enough to continue on.

Child molestation and sexual exploitation is always traumatic, but the child can go on to lead a normal life. They can still accomplish. They can still thrive. Help your child to have a happy rest of their lives. It is not unusual for a child to be withdrawn or depressed about what has happened to them. Intercede in this occurrence by making sure your child is seen by professional help. Make a difference. The difference could be a child that succeeds in life, or one that flounders by the wayside.



Today I read another one-hundred more inhuman and monstrous stories ofchild abuse and murder in the United States. This repugnant and inhumane abuse
meted out to the children of America must stop! I feel we have enough cause for an honest and genuine concern for the safety of all the children and we must
make a difference now. America used to be considered the land of the free and the home of the brave. Something my friends, has drastically changed in the mood and climate of America to possibly change that statement. I have to wonder if in truth that it is changing into the land of the cruel and the home of the

Today, as I said, I read over one hundred new cases of the horrendous treatment of children. These cases include torture, starvation, beatings, rape, unspeakable atrocities, and even murder, all of which top the list of crimes against children in our country today. If this number of reports was an aberration in behavior it might be easier to understand, but not condone. We might then be able to blame it on bad water or some natural disaster or even a financial catastrophe that caused these people to take out their extreme frustrations on the little guys in their care, however this is an everyday average number of cases and has been for quite some time. These are not the acts of intelligent people. On the contrary, these are the acts of people who are either low born criminals, or people who no longer care about life, no matter their station in life. These acts are no less vile then the Nazi atrocities perpetrated on the Jewish people or anyone else who is bent on torture and extermination. What of those children who have survived this type of treatment? Unfortunately, we have to be concerned that because of the treatment they received it might well be repeated, only in a far worse manner then what happened to them.

So, where does the problem lie? Maybe with our child protective services and police who look the other way, or don’t believe certain cases warrant delving into further? Maybe with our teachers who see some of these kids every day and know something is horribly wrong, but choose not to make waves? Could it be with the relatives who know their younger extended family members are being abused, or know the little guy’s mom’s are at their wits end or are mentally ill Perhaps the problem lies with mothers who leave their children with abusive boyfriends. Possibly, the fault could lie with neighbors who DO see the evil, and DO hear the evil, but do not speak of this evil. Instead they choose to say nothing. Not anything at all.

I for one believe in God. I believe that he sees everything we do. However, I also believe that he is slow to anger and act, but when he does take action it is swift and sure punishment. This punishment unfortunately I believe will be dished out to each and every one of us. Those who are guilty of the crimes against children, and also those who looked the other way or did nothing to stop it. Due to our actions we no longer deserve to be the top dog on this earth, so to speak. I expect that I will have to answer the same question when I am asked. Why did you not stop the attack on my children?

It has always been my fervent and sincere belief that when you see a child as a baby who is cooing and gurgling while staring into blank space, that they are speaking to angels and the son of God. After all who else would they be talking to? If you don’t believe it, watch a baby. I have to tell you that a verse in the Bible comes to mind and it says in Matthew 18:6 – “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

It is my impression of this verse that the meaning is if you hurt or molest a child in any way the universe will punish you far worse than anything that you can imagine happening to you on this earth. Most of you who believe know this already. You who do not believe are in for a shock. I can make that statement with confidence!

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